Posted on Mar 12, 2020

ARCIS Technology Group

IT Support Akron, Ohio

Proactive technology support can be a game-changer for organizations, enhancing operations and bringing teams together to focus on innovation for the future.

Overhead is the one word that can bring fear to the hearts of technology and finance professionals alike, particularly when it is uttered in a leadership meeting. Anytime overhead is mentioned, the next statement is likely reaching out to operational teams to determine how to reduce overhead and cut expenses — all while maintaining an exceptional quality of care for your customers. While some overhead costs such as utilities and insurance) may be more difficult to control, there are often hidden costs within your payroll and operations that are targets for cost-cutting ventures. It’s vital to be able to communicate to stakeholders and your executive team that sometimes an upfront investment in technology may be exactly what is needed to provide greater cost savings in the future.
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